What is the student democracy?
The student democracy at NTNU consists of many engaged people.
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What are our meanings?
The Student Parliament passes political policies that are used when working with the leaders of NTNU.
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Who are we?
The Student Parliament consists of volunteers that passes policies and students working full-time using these policies.
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Meetings in The Student Parliament

The Student Parliament passes policies on behalf of all students at NTNU, in Gjøvik, Ålesund and Trondheim. The meetings are open for all, but only students at NTNU have the right to propose changes in the policies. It is the representatives in The Student Parliament that passes the policies.


Meeting 07/22

First meeting of the semester. The representatives then go on a seminar. 

Meeting 08/22
Meeting 09/22
Meeting 10/22
Meeting 01/23

Constitutive meeting where the new Student Parliament choose their Working Committee.

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