The reference group

An important part of the education quality assurance system is the reference group. 

The reference group is the most common way for a course coordinator to collect feedback from the students in a course. It is however posstible to use other methods such as surveys. The reference group and the course coordinator should communicate during the semester and cooperate with the rest of the students in the course.

The reference group should represent the whole student mass and should include at least three students. If a course involves several study programmes, all the programmes should be represented. 

Through the semester, the reference group should meet at least three times with the course coordinator. In the reference group meetings they should discuss what is working and what can be improved in the course. The exam should also be discussed. 

Apart from the reference group work, the course coordinator should collect feedback from all students that take the course on a regular basis. This should as a minimum be done every third time the course is held. 

Available resources for reference groups

At Innsida you will find information about how to write the reference group reports and find examples of previous reports. 

The Student Parliament made a guide for reference groups in 2016 whiich can be found here.

The students in the reference group should...

  • have an ongoing dialogue with the students in the course and represent the students in the reference group meetings.
  • represent all students in the course
  • write a reference group report with suggestions on what can be improved that is sent to the course coordinator 
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